Thursday, 12 June 2014


It's rainy season here in Tokyo, not my favourite season that is for sure. The rain from last night continued till the morning only the plants on my balcony are looking so green and happy. It was supposed be another kind of gloomy June morning but I was saved by this video Pandora Live at 25th Street Recording: Priscilla Ahn ! Just finished watching it through and am all feeling bright and happy ready to start tackling the deadlines! (Thank you Priscilla!!) The sky outside is looking brighter and rain has stopped too. Wonderful.

Happy Thursday to you, rainy or not!

Monday, 2 June 2014


Tokyo's coffee boom doesn't seem to stop and there has been so many new places opening here and there every month (actually I just heard another new place opened in Shibuya on Saturday!). I've been feeling I need to do an update post for my Tokyo Coffee Guide but here is a quick one with my instagram pics for now! 

Two new good ones are now in my shop neighborhood which instantly became my regular coffee stops en route to the little shoppe
One is pictured above IMA Cafe produced by Obscura Coffee Roasters which is inside a beautiful IMA Concept Store that opened in April on the third floor of AXIS in Roppoingi (only a few minutes walk from my shop ;) ). Staff are really kind and friendly and I just love the beautiful light that comes through this space in the afternoon. Also it's great that they are open till 10pm, not that I want to drink coffee late at night so often but when I feel like a good cup of coffee after good dinner with good friends it's a perfect spot for it, and it's not so easy to find a lovely and quiet anywhere to find in this area on a weekend evening. 

Another one from this area is BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR COFFEE KIOSK at Akasaka Ark Hills B1 in South Tower. It's actually a part of a new and wonderful Fukushimaya Natural Foods Market (now my big favourite) and food they serve at the coffee kiosk here comes from this premier supermarket. It's connected to the Roppongi 1-chome station on Namboku Line (Tokyo Metro) so is very easily accessed.

I always wished someone will open a new coffee place in my home neighbourhood (Gakugeidaigaku/Yutenji/Meguro area) and now they have! Streamer Coffee Company has just opened their fourth and new (and their biggest) store in Gakugeidaigaku. Coffee was good though it was slightly disappointing that it was not hot enough for me. But I will certainly be going back soon. 

I never knew about this place called Switch Coffee Tokyo that opened in Meguro not long ago until I saw it on @luismendo 's instagram, once I saw it I thought I have to try and I'm glad I did!

So now I have two new favourites for both my home and shop neighbourhood and I'm quiet happy about it :) 
But I must say AMAMERIA Espresso which had been the best coffee I could get closest to home for a long time would still stay on top of my list. It's not such a fancy or hipster kind of place at all but is friendly and is loved by locals, many older people are also enjoying coffee here and creating a kind of kissaten like atmosphere especially on a weekday, which makes this place different from other new ones and that is why I like it I guess. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


On Sunday I went to the Patricia Curtan exhibition started last weekend at AT THE CORNER in Aoyama, a small gallery space run by Arts & Science. I was familiar with Patricia Curtan's works since she had worked closely with my very favourite restaurant in California, Chez Panisse. A good collection of her drawings and prints are exhibited as well as some beautiful items made in collaboration with dosa and A&S. I brought home these letterpress post cards, I really liked the tea towels too, still thinking about them...mmm should I go back.

It's on till 8th June. Exhibition info here --> Patricia Curtan with dosa


Just found some more sakura photos I meant to post earlier in April.
It was still only last month but seems it was so long ago!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


As I mentioned in the previous post, this year I had one of the most memorable sakura viewing ohanami experiences ever in Kamakura with my Hawaiian friend Aron. We had planned it from a week earlier and the weather was going to be okay however the day started raining. Still according to the weather forecast the rain was supposed to stop around lunch time so I thought "good" and didn't need to wear my gum boots "good".

We met in Kamakura just before lunch time but it was still raining. There was no way we could have a picnic up in the mountain where we were going to go so we decided to have lunch before we start our journey, or adventure more like. At this point I still thought that the rain will stop by the time we have eaten. Luckily I remembered this cafe called OXIMORON which I always wanted to check out but always forgot about when I went to Kamakura so there we went.

I didn't even know what kind of food they serve here, but it was a curry place. It was so nice. Beautiful space with great light coming in, even on a rainy day it was really lovely. Pity I didn't take a photo of the cafe space! The above photo is their little shop space at the front where they sell beautiful Japanese tablewares and zakka. The food was divine, I really enjoyed my curry with full of fresh herbs on top: coriander, mitsuba, shiso (ooba) and spring onion. DELICIOUS!

Tableware they use in this cafe was designed by one of my favourite porcelain artists Yumiko Iihoshi (I posted about her work and then shop here) and this series is named OXIMORON, the name of the cafe. I love this OXIMORON series so much and I always wanted to find out what this place is like which Yumiko Iihoshi made the series of tablewares for. So that was really great too.

It was still raining when we were leaving this place. Actually, it looked much worse. But anyway we kept on going as planned, to go on hiking in the pouring rain!
It was the Genjiyama Park we headed, where is known as one of the most beautiful and popular sakura spots around. Well, not on the day like this obviously.

But, it was worth it!

When we reached up on the mountain I received a notification on my phone.


It was seriously raining, was probably the best and the worst day to come here, we laughed. Hahaha. We almost continued to take even more serious hiking course but we were not crazy enough to keep going and instead we decided to just head back the way we came down to the city.

I don't know how it happened (must have been my choice) but we then took the cute Enoden tram/train to nowhere and then walked back to Kamakura in. the. pouring. rain. along the beach.

We may have picked the worst day ever for all these but it was really fun. Thank you for the wonderful and crazy company Aron! Let's do this again! (NOT) hahaha, well on a nicer day.

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